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Portland Assistants List

ASMP Oregon is providing this information as a courtesy and does not vouch for any of the assistants on these lists. Please do your homework and ask for references when contacting these individuals.


If you would like to be on this list, please email Thank you! 



Photo Assistants

Name Phone Email ASMP Member References
Rob Lindeman 503-679-6412 Yes Erik Keller, Grant Mott
Cameron Browne 503-367-2186 Yes  
Jason Deymonaz 503-522-1333 Yes  
Tim Kerr 213-268-6655 Yes  
Chris Low 503-807-0452 Yes  
Jeff T Smith 503-310-8466 No  
Brandon Bondehagen 502-930-5946 No  
Patrick Wheaton 503-997-5853 No  
Mike Grippi 203-856-2441   No  
Joseph Eastburn 541-419-7317 No Jon Humphries, Cel Jarvis,
Ty Milford
Brian Hensley 513-608-3514   No  
Laura Jennings 503-927-5803   No  
Rob Perry 503-997-4436   No  
Caleb Plowman 206-334-4509   No  
Robert Woodward 971-221-9729   No  
Dan C. 707-843-9316   No  
Josh Elliott 503-412-8192   No  
Alicia Giuffria 504-296-1266   No  
Kevin Ward 503-360-2691 No  
Angela Holm 217-520-8175   No  
Steve Vaughan 503-941-9646 No Upon request from Dallas Texas photographers
Jake Kwong 503-583-5457 No  


Digital Techs

Name Phone Email ASMP Member References
Tim Kerr 213-268-6655 Yes  
Jonah Sutherland 503-522-0937 No  
Matt King 503-312-4395   No  
Jeremy Kelty 503-312-0352   No